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Lexicon of Awesome

A Melancholic Dad's Spiritual Journey Into a World of Better Words

An arrangement of words on purpose. These are the words, stories and divine discoveries of a melancholic dude infused with the Spirit and navigating a renewed daily rhythm at home and on the trail. If you're looking to relate, to laugh, find encouragement and even be challenged in your faith, family rhythm and mission in life, join Rich on his journey as you navigate your own.

From A is for Aha! to Z is for Zenith of Zeal, Lexicon of Awesome is a fun and purpose-filled read that both challenges your vocabulary (because words mean things) and invites you into a better way of mission in Christlikeness.


Cover & Internal Layout & Design 

Medium: Print Hardcover

Printer: Ingram Spark


May God enlighten you at the advent of your journey toward that bandera of dreams.

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