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Anatomy of a Book

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Cover Anatomy

Title Font A: Original font ( hand-tweaked for a clear and creative title.
Title Font B: Original font ( revealed in the 'Melancholic' colors of the melancholic swatch connecting the bright title word with background.
Unique Watercolor Stroke: Blue & green to connect with 'Melancholy' & 'Journey' in subtitle.
Publication Logo: Small but notable.
Author's Name: Color connects art swatch and 'Melancholic' blue. Large enough to notice, but small enough to send focus to the title, not the unknown author.
Personalized Symbol: Connects book theme.
Background: White space representing the canvas of a fresh 'Lexicon' & the holy 'Awesomeness' of God on the 'Spiritual Journey' in the title and subtitle.
Subtitle: Separate from title, leaving space for both title focus and subtitle understanding.

Page Anatomy

Page Notes: Small and sharp 9 point font for clarity and accessability.
Chapter Marker: Encircled letter for a clean, clear, simple and sexy design. Grayscale interior.
Chapter Title Font: Gray, sans-serif font for clean lines that connect with the sharp, block book cover fonts.
Divider: Thin divider separating title section from body in order to create a clean and functional break in movement.
Font: Sans Serif, 11 point font with a classic feel and inviting script.
Page Number: 10 point, grey, lower outside corner. Clean and clear without drawing attention.


Page / Day Number: Clean, black, bold print on the upper outside page for clarity and accessibility.
Section Icon: Clean, symbolic icon representing the content of each distinct section readings.
Section Partition: Clean line intended to visually divide each group of readings for the day. 
Section Partition: Sharp and clean vertical, sideways text adding one more dose of simple and confined clarity to each group of readings.


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